Q. Do I need to ask the UBL permission to publish images from the Special Collections?


No, you don’t need to ask the UBL permission to publish images. If you are intending to publish material from our collections then you should make sure you:

  • include a proper acknowledgement of the creator(s) of the original work 
  • include a proper acknowledgement of the source of the publication: Leiden University Libraries + shelf mark.

Some items are protected by copyright. For reuse of copyrighted images, you must request permission personally from the copyright holder. Works of literature, science and art are protected by copyright, which lasts for the life of the author plus a period of 70 years.
Copyright holders are: the creator, any other collaborating creator(s), surviving relatives or entities to which the copyrights have been transferred. Reuse means all acts of publication and reproduction. Leiden University Libraries assumes no responsibility for damage in any way resulting from or connected to the reuse of images from originals from its collections.

We appreciate if you provide the library with a copy of your publication (Leiden University Libraries, Special Collections, Witte Singel 27, 2311 BG Leiden).

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